Terms of Service


This license is a legal agreement between you and the Package Developer for the use of Software marketed in the PHP Package Market ("PHP Package Market"). By downloading files, add-ons, or resources from marketed packages, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of the license therein. The Package Developer reserves the right to change this agreement at any time, for any reason, without notice.

Permitted Use

One license grants the right to use the Software on one site and unlimited development sites. Each additional site using the Software requires an additional purchased license. Unless you have been given prior, written consent from the package developer.

Technical Support

You can use the contact page to contact us messages will be replied to the email sent on the contact page, No statements or guarantees are made regarding response times, but we will do our best to respond promptly.

For bug reports that occur with packages that have been purchased, you can contact the package developer regarding your issue via email contact or social media links which you can see on the developer's profile page.


You agree to indemnify and indemnify PHP Package Market and package developers listed on PHP Package Market for third party claims, actions or demands, as well as all expenses, liabilities, damages, settlement or related costs arising from your use or misuse of the Software, or violation of any terms. of this license.

Pakcage Developers

Selling Packages

PHP Package Market only accepts packages in the PHP programming language, PHP Package Market requires credentials from your Git Provider (Git Api Token) to read the private repositories which will be converted into packages. PHP Package Market does not secretly retrieve repository data, PHP Package Market only takes repositories information based on the link submitted by the developer.

You can follow the requirements needed to start selling packages listed on the package delivery page. The package will be reviewed before being published, you can submit a package after you determine the selling price of the package.

Package Support

You have the right to help your customers in handling packages that consumers have purchased if there are bugs or errors. You have the right to provide your best support for your customers.


We use PayPal to process funds withdrawals from packages that have been sold, because PayPal has a maximum payout per day so you are required to make a withdrawal request for your balance.

The approve process will be carried out within 2x24 hours on bisnis days depending on the number of requests and the daily limit from PayPal.

PayPal itself has a fee for each transaction, and the fee is borne by the recipient of the funds and this fee will be different in each country depending on the policies of PayPal itself.